About Us


Gender and Human Rights Office, for a just, equal and diverse socio-ecological energy transition.

Founded on February 1, 2010, we are the governmental entity in charge of developing and coordinating, in a transparent and participative manner, the different plans, policies and norms for the development Chile’s energy sector. 

Our mission is to create and maintain an energy sector in Chile that supports a thriving society and a healthy economy. This is not only a technical challenge but a social and economic challenge as well. Our goal is to have an energy sector that resilient to climate change by providing a diverse, balanced and sustainable electric grid that is reliable, affordable and accessible for all Chilean citizens. We want to ensure that we collectively develop a path towards a clean, modern, and inclusive society for all. 

Please download the Ministry of Energy's CV to learn more about the Ministry's achievements in the just clean energy transition with an emphasis on gender achievements and milestones. 


Download the Ministry of Energy´s CV


Tania Sauma

Chief of Staff

Launch of the Gender and Human Right Office. Ministery of energy. 2022